Welcome To Freedomland, USA!!


Hello..Welcome to Freedomland, U.S.A.


This is not the old amusement park.. but just a page that I have wanted to do for a long time. I am always interested in old Freedomland info.. as well as old Worlds Fair info, and other oddities. Anyone remember the Long Island Motor Parkway? anyway.. I'm Rob Friedman, and I'm here in Port Jefferson Station (formally we were in Freeport then Bay Shore) on Long Island, NY, and I dedicate this page to my wife Sue..who always remembered Freedomland with fond memories.


If you follow the link to visit Freedomland, you will be treated with some old images set up as a virtual park. You will follow the layout of the old park and see some of the sites . Also see Susan's article on Freedomland. (which is what started my interest in this whole thing anyway.) And you can see some of the things we have collected . Be aware these pages (and the park pages) are almost entirely images.. so it might take a little time. I've also had contact from other Freedomland fans, as well as one person who has been very helpful and full of information, Bob Mangels, formally of Ellenville, NY. Bob is in the process of writing a book on Freedomland and is interested in feedback on that idea. Please let me know your opinion on both the site and the idea of Bob's book via the E-Mail link below.

WHEREAS: There has now been established within our boundaries, on a 205acre site in the Baychester section of the Bronx, the world's largest outdoor, family entertainment center - called Freedomland - whose purpose it is to restage 200 years of the American heritage, from pioneering days to the wonders of the space age.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Robert F. Wagner, Mayor of the City of New York, do herby proclaim Sunday, June 19, as


In New York City, and do highly commend the people whose worthy labors have been rewarded in the creation of this unique project, and I do further recommend Freedomland to our citizens and visitors and advise them to take advantage of the opportunity to participate in a living portrayal of all the beauty, art, culture, drama and heroism that added luster to the imperishable history of the United States of America.

-From the Official Proclamation,
Office of the Mayor,
City of New York 

up since Feb 23 1997

Please note: I usually update the Memorabilia and Galleries when I come across something new or new info.  I want to apologise to all. I've not really made any major updates to the gallery, or memorabilia in a long time. I have received new items and actually got a number of items on my wishlist.  I will try to shoot them soon and send the newer pages up here.  It seems the memorabilia pages are taking on a life all their own!! -rob

Once more..I wish to apologize for the delay in new info. The most recent change was changing the back server. Some of you might not know, but this site (did) actually spans two servers. and the second one went down. I just changed from Digiweb to AngelCities. Let's see how that works out 9/16/2000 - rob (update 11/28/2010 I'm now completely on Webng.com . and after a year and a half my site is back up)
(more updates!) Well  I had to move the site again. It's been on x10host.com for awhile.. but my site went down in late Sept 2016.  I've put it back up as of the end of October 2016. Along with several updates
I updated info in regards to the Freedomland Today pages. There is now a commemorative plaque for Freedomland.. 
And I donated the remains of one of the tugboats to the Co-Op City Historical Group They are due to put it on display in Summer 2019.

There is more info now.. All 4 boats are accounted for..

Also feel free to visit my Freedomland USA Facebook page

1960 logo

This is the original logo from 1960

1962 Logo

This is the later logo from 1962


If you have any info to pass on, or items from Freedomland and are looking to sell them, please contact me via the Email link below.

I have been asked by a gentleman who Emailed me if there is any interest in starting a 'Freedomland Historical Preservation Society'  Please let me know if there is any interest in this.

 Also.. I have been asked about making some Freedomland T-shirts for sale. (note: sorry but I no longer do this.. hey but I've left the images for the shirts I did)

If you wish to contact me , Click here to leave me Email

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I will try to update some of the links with similar places)

Sorry for the 1 Year absence a few years ago  but it's back

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