This is the Entrance to FREEDOMLAND

This is Freedomland-the world's largest and greatest entertainment center. Actually.. this was Freedomland. I've set up several images that have some captions. They are arranged as if you visited them by walking around the park. While not a true virtual park, it does show people what it was like to walk around Freedomland in it's heyday. The entrance is below, and the map shows the way it was set up. Yes, it was in the shape of the United States, and set up into seven areas.


The areas were:
  • Little Old New York
  • Old Chicago
  • The Great Plains

  • San Francisco
  • The Old Southwest
  • New Orleans
  • Satellite City

I've recently made some changes to the 'Park' here. You will find the Guide Map throughout the pages. Use it as if you were walking thru the park  

If you wish to visit a specific part of Freedomland now, use the Guide Map below and Click on the area you wish to visit.

Freedomland Map

the Entrance

  1. Entrance to Freedomland
  2. Information and Souvenirs
  3. Stroller rentals and lockers





Enter Freedomland by starting in Old New York

Gateway to

Use the Guide Map below and follow the path to To Old New York

Freedomland Map