To New Orleans

Satellite City: The Future

  1. Satellite City Turnpike: modern sports car ride
  2. Moving Sidewalk: traveling sidewalk over lake
  3. Blast-Off Bunker: Cape Canaveral rocket-launching
  4. Space Ship: space ride around the Americas
  5. Satellite City Snack Bar
    And special exhibits on modern science and industry





        sports cars of tomorrow on Satellite City turnpike
Stroll down
        Astronaut Avenue ... an exciting glimpse of the future.

For the
        weary space traveler, a Moving Sidewalk

All the
        tense excitement of Cape Canaveral

The Moon Bowl was Freedomland's Music and Dance Center (added later). Here you would "see and hear performers like singer Paul Anka, the Count Basie orchestra, TV star Dick Clark, the Eberly Brothers(1), the Benny Goodman and Harry James orchestras; singers Brenda Lee, the Lennon Sisters, Ricky Nelson and Bobby Rydell; comedians Toodie and Muldoon(2), bandleader Xavier Cugat and singer Abbie Lane.."
Also there was a 15,000 square foot outdoor dance floor.
(1) This was most likely the Everly Brothers
(2) Toodie and Muldoon referred to the characters from the TV show, 'Car 54, Where Are You'. They were played by Joe E.Ross as Toodie and Fred Gwynne as Muldoon

        dazzling display of fireworks high over the Space Ship

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