Sounds of Freedomland  
The Record and Radio Advertisements

-The Record

Freedomland had an album made for it with music by Jule Styne, a major show composer and words by George Weiss. The two I have both say Demonstration Copy on the back signifying that these must have both been a pre-release.  The music was sung by people like Johnny Horton who did "Johnny Freedom", Richard Hayes, Charlie Weaver, Jill Corey, Jimmy Rushing, and Earl Wrightson.

As you can see, the record is stamped Demonstration   Not For Resale

This is the Songbook to the Album.

(when I first did this site.. there were NO MP3 files as of yet!. But times have changed. The original files were downloadable in an  older RA format that is no longer used. So instead I've linked to a greater site called Time Travel Is Posssible (through radip) There are a lot more items there including Alan Sherman and others who performed at Freedomland! (Thanks to Dan  Hollis for allowing me to link to his site!)

Listen to Johnny Freedom by Johnny Horton


-The Other Record

This is something I just recently came across.  I came into a record that is a recording of the Glen Miller Orchestra, under the direction of Ray McKinley, performing in August of 1961 at what is most likely the Moon Bowl.  It was recorded live.. and it seems to be a lacquer master!. The labels are hand written, and the record is very thick.. and says recording blank.  

This is the label that was with the Record

I'm sorry but I no longer have the audio file from the old website. I will keep searching for a copy of this album or finally create it

-Radio Advertisements

To add to all these pages on this old park, I've come across some early commercials from radio for Freedomland. The two I've chosen are from either 1960 or 1961, and to be honest..I'm not sure who has the copyright to them. Both are very similar and promote the history theme of the park's early years (which was later changed to regular amusement park with a theater/showcase called the Moon Bowl in Satellite City)

The first commercial talks about the civil war ride and mardi gras and the space ship ride. Basically, New Orleans and Satellite City.

The second commercial talk about the Indian raid on the fur trappers, the Chicago fire, and the Pony Express rides. Basically, San Francisco, Chicago, and the Great Plains

Both the original radio files I had are now gone. But thanks to Dan Hollis.. here is a link to his time travel site for the commercials

The Freedomland  Opening Radio Commercials

If anyone has a copy of the other Freedomland ad, either from radio or TV, the one with the 'Mommy, Daddy, Take my hand, Take me out to Freedomland. $2.95 is all you'll pay for Freedomland all day'.. I would like a copy to post up here. Please contact me if you have this ad.

also there are several videos and a film called Travel Time available on YouTube (this wasn't available back in the 90's)