The Freedomland Virtual View-master

Stereo Images of Freedomland

These series of pages will let you see Freedomland in 3D/Stereo. To do so, you will need to become familiar with a viewing technique called Free-Viewing, or Relaxed/Parallel Viewing.

The views can be viewed by the standard "straight ahead" viewing technique. Look at the pair of photos, "relax" your eyes until you see three images. Then move your "attention" to the middle image -- it should be in 3D!

With other methods of Free-Viewing, you cross your eyes and the right image and the left image are reveresed. Some find this easier and some find the relaxed method easier.

I have found that with the Parallel viewing, it can also be accomplished without effort with the use of some rather ridiculous items. Now, I know it sounds very dumb, but if you use a cardboard tube from either a paper towel, or 2 from a toilet paper roll, you can look thru them as if looking through binoculars, and the stereo image on the screen will easily be seen.  Try it..It does work!

You will have to adjust the size of the tube and your distance to the monitor, but it does actually work!

Try viewing this image using the cardboard tube method: Let the Left Tube show only the left image, and the Right Tube show only the right image.  Adjust the two of them and you will see one single 3D stereo image as if you were looking into a View-master.

Use the View-masters as you would normally.  Click on the Yellow Lever to advance the reel. At the end,  the last click will bring you back here to choose another reel. Start with Reel 1 and have fun!  Remember to use the Yellow Lever to advance to the next view on each page!

Here are the 3 Reels:

Reel One
Freedomland, USA
New York,

New England  and Chicago

Reel Two
Freedomland, USA
Great Plains

  and San Francisco Area  

Reel Three
Freedomland, USA
Old Southwest

       and Satellite City      

To see the images, click on the yellow lever

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