To Old New York

Chicago: 1871

  1. Santa Fe Railroad (Chicago Station): Chicago to San Francisco and return
  2. Chicago Firehouse
  3. Stockyards Restaurant
  4. Great Lake Cruise by sternwheeler
  5. Chippewa War Canoes: lake ride
  6. Indian Village
  7. The Great Chicago Fire
    And volunteer fireman from audience fighting great Chicago fire


The great
        Chicago fire ......

        spectacular entertainment

A fun-filled
        cruise of the Great Lakes.. with music all the way

State Fair Midway
Added in 1962, this was the new ride area for Freedomland.  The Harbor Tugboats had a new dock here, and there were new rides. a Wriggly Worm, a new loading tower for the Tucson Mining Company's Ore Buckets, and a new Astro-ride

Use the Guide Map below and follow the paths to To The Great Plains or To Old New York

Freedomland Map