To Old Chicago

The Great Plains: 1803-1900

  1. Fort Calvary
  2. Pony Express station mail service to Old Southwest
  3. Fort Calvary Stage Line: stage-coach ride over Lewis and Clark route
  4. Buffalo Stockade: bison herd
  5. Calvary Rifles: shooting gallery
  6. Borden's Barn: Elsie the Cow
  7. Borden's Farm: horses, cows, sheep, pigs, poultry, corn, and hay
  8. Mule-Go-Round: mule-drawn merry-go-round
  9. Milk Bar
    And Stage Coach hold-up, farmhands, blacksmith, horse-drawn station-wagons

        Calvary in the heart of Freedomland's Great Plains

        galore as you ford streams and thunder across the Rockies

At the
        Chuck Wagon... a hearty cowpunchers' snack

        along the trail lurks a gang of ornery bandits

One of the
        many gunfights that occur throughout the day

In the
        glistening white barn lives Elsie - the most famous cow in the

Use the Guide Map below and follow the paths to To San Francisco  or To The Old Southwest or To Old Chicago

Freedomland Map