Freedomland T- Shirts

Since I've been getting involved in this.. I made some T-Shirts for Sue and myself.  I use the Postcards and either of the 2 logos. Here is a Sweatshirt I made when I first started. I have decided to start selling T-Shirts like this.

Also.. I just had some Caps made for Sue and myself.  I was thinking of making a hat with a Transfer, like I do  with the T-shirts, but could not figure it out.  I could not find a program to read one of my graphics into an embroidery file. So at Roosevelt Field, in Garden City, NY at a small Kiosk called CapFactory, the former manager, Kevin Ramotar, did this in 10 minutes using the fonts and patterns he had! He has also saved the image so if anyone wants one.. Since then, the kiosk has closed,  but I contacted the CapFactory website.. and since Kevin saved the file, they have it on record.. You can order by Emailing via the link above. (update 6/16/2002)Ahh as time changes... so do all things. I recently found out that Kevin opened his his Own kiosk under the name "Stitch It". He is making the same caps for me and will make them for others. His phone number is 516-746-2505. Have fun!

I have had several requests for T-shirts with Images of Freedomland.  Below are the ones I can make. Most are based on the postcards. Two use the logos from 1960 and 1962. One, however is a copy of an original Freedomland T-shirt.

These are images of the T-shirts I make.  Please note that all are T-shirt Transfers, not silk-screens. Each image has the title I use.  When Ordering please refer to that title.  As I do not have Credit Card access, all payments are to be made by Check/MO in advance.

To order, tell me the image you want, whether or not you want an additional logo (the 1960 or 1962). the size, and include your address.  You can use the Email Click below to let me know and if you use an online PC Banking service.

Original Freedomland T-shirt(repro) The Prices are:
Basic T-shirts (one image)...................$18.00
Basic T-shirts w/reduced 60/62 logos..$20.00
Second Full 60/62 logos added............$22.00
Deluxe T-shirt (two images).................$26.00
The All-In-One image..........................$25.00
The All-In-One w/both 60 &62 Logo..$30.00
Shipping (usually Priority Mail)...............$4.00 

All the shirts require a Vinegar Pre-wash for one time only before wearing. (Sorry.. but my printer is a Canon BJC-610. It's due to the inks it uses)

The 1960 Logo

The 1962 Logo

Freedomland USA

Horseless Carriage

Chicago Depot

Chicago Fire House

Chicago Fire

Pony Express

Indian War

Civil War

Great Lakes Excursion Boat

Mid-West Farm

Space Rover

Air-Borne Buckets

The following are examples of Images with the Freedomland Logos.  Reduced Logos like below can be done on the same sheet as the main image.

Freedomland w/1960 Logo

Chicago Fire w/1962 Logo

Images using separate Logos like those below are also available.

an All-In-One with the 62 Logo on Front

an All-In-One with the 60 Logo on Back

All shirts are HeavyWeight either Hanes or Fruit-of-the-Loom. Available in S,M, L, or XL. Please be patient since I do work full time, plus all these are currently being done with a hand-iron, not a heat press (a donation of a t-shirt heat press will be accepted).

Please include the following in either a letter with payment, or if you send via PC Banking Email the following information:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Address
  3. The shirt style you want with any added logos
  4. Your Size (S,M,L,XL)
  5. A Phone number and/or email to contact you in case of a problem.
  6. And, obviously the payment (if you are sending it by regular mail)

Make the payment out and send to the following address:

Rob Friedman
(Sorry but I'm no longer making these)

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

Any other questions please ask.

To Email Me, Click here.

Vinegar Pre-Wash. : Use 1 Cup of white distilled vinegar in 1 Gal of water. Wash in regular cycle or soak for 10 minutes. Rinse. Wash Normally.