Freedomland Today

-Clark's Trading Post

Clark's Trading Post is an old amusement park in North Woodstock, NH. Funny, I stopped by years ago and never really went into the village/park there. This was before I went Freedomland crazy. Since then I found out that Clark's has got a number of pieces of Freedomland, including a large part of what was the San Francisco Train station, the Santa Fe station, bricks from Old New York, and the seats from the Braniff Space Rover.

Clark's started out as a trained dog show.. and later went to trained bears. While I was not a fan of trained animals.. these bears are very cared for and are a part of the Clark's family. Indeed.. I briefly talked to Ed Clark on the phone, and met Murray Clark,(who's in charge of the bears), and Dave Clark who basically runs the park now. Dave recounted how he and his father Ed and his brother went in the cold winter of 1964-65 to basically get pieces of Freedomland and other items like street lights and the plans for Casa Loca.

That is something for the Clarks built a similar copy of Casa Loca using local materials and using a local storyline, called Tuttles Rustic House. Same as Casa Loca, it is full of illusions and tricks like the balls rolling uphill and the water running upward. All in all visiting Clarks was a lot nicer than I thought.. since.. well.. even with my enthusiasm for Freedomland and similar theme parks. I'm not one for small amusement parks like 'story town, xmas town, western town.. etc..' I can appreciate what goes into the parks and I can enjoy a large amusement park like The Great Escape, or WaltDisney World, even though I can't ride on the roller coasters.

Clark's comes across with no funny stuff.. very honest and thoroughly enjoyable. The bear show was very well done and their own illusion house called Merlin's Magical Mansion. is not to be missed. My thanks to Dave Clark and the rest of the staff at Clarks for sharing their info and all their niceties to me coming in to do one small page for my site.

The San Francisco Train Station
This was originally the San Fransisco Train Depot, and much of the gingerbread and structure has been incorporated into the current model. While not exactly the same.. the old station was dismantled and then used to make this one.(This was told to us by Dave when we were there in the very early 2000's)
Others have stated that this is actually the Chicago Train Station, and stating that more recently Dave said it was the Chicago vs the San Francisco. Either way it is from Freedomland

The Sante Fe Station
While this is a small structure, and while in Freedomland the train did not stop here, the
building was used in it's entirety. For the fun part.. ... it's now a Baby Changing Station. goes on but at least it was saved!
UPDATE!! I have been informed that this is now being used as part of the Segway Station..
Well at least it has to do with transportation again!

The Streetlights
The streetlight from Freedomland are all over the park as ..well. streetlights.

The Seats from the Space Rover
The seats around the bear arena were originally in the Braniff Space Rover. Back then, fiberglass seating was a new futuristic thing. Now, they are plain old seats that you can see the bear shows from.

Tuttles Rustic House (Casa Loca)
Dave told me that Ed got the plans for Casa Loca and built their home-grown version they called Tuttles Rustic House. Same as Casa Loca, but with 2 walkways vs the one in Casa Loca. It was tilted the same and had similar illusions. and all in all is very effective. If you want to visit Casa Loca, but forgot your time machine.. this is where to go.