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Also there are other Freedomland rides at Cedar Point, in OH, and at other parks around the North East US.   If anyone has any pictures of other Freedomland rides, please contact me. 
I recently saw the tugboat that is mentioned below, as well as one of the sternwheelers.  See the section called  The Freedomland Boats below.

And, here's my friend, Bob Mangels, with some of his E-Mail to me:

"Please note that the two rides that Cedar Point (had) are no longer there. The San Francisco EarthQuake ride lasted until about 1984., and of course last year was the last year for the Buccaneer ride.When I spoke to them about the earthquake ride in the 80's they said they might use bits of it for scenery in themed areas,.

One tugboat is at Quassy Park in Conn. (see below) Still in use on the lake, however the color has been changed to red white and blue, still looked pretty good. (a) Didn't you tell me one of the riverboats was in Raritan N.J.? (1)

(Tugboat photos by Bob Mangels)

Do you know any more about it? The other riverboat had been at the Showboat inn in Greenwich Conn. I'm not sure if it is still there although I don't know where it could have gone to.(b)

I noticed a few more things that Great Escape grabbed from the Fur Trappers ride including the the totem poles, and Large Boots from Boot hill.



(1)(updated 2/7/98) I was wrong. The boat that is in the Raritan river was the Mary-Mary. It was a steam Staten Island Ferry.  It was NOT The Canadian as I first thought (or was told).  I met the gentleman who has the brass nameplate from that boat in Huntington, LI. He's a very enthusiastic Coney Island collector

(a) (b) See the Freedomland Boats page below.

More from Bob Mangels :


Let me know if you get these Jpeg shots of the Hollywood arena at Freedomland, taken about 1969 or 70, the demolished and sad part of the remains, plus 2 photos of the Riverboat at the Showboat Inn, in Greenwich Conn,. also taken late 60's or about 1970.(3)

Keep me posted on the tugboat!! Let me know if you can't find a home for it.


(3) The Riverboat is on the Freedomland Boats page below

Here's more info on Cedar Point from Brian Knicele:

Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio acquired San Francisco Earthquake and Pirate Ride in the mid sixties, as I'm sure you know. Earthquake was demolished in the eighties to make room for Berenstain Bear Country. Pirate ride was dismantled last year for a number of reasons...park needed more storage space...low rider numbers...dark rides suffer a tremendous amount of vandalism.

Anyway, I may be able to get a pirate ride 'boat' although the skull on the bow will be missing, as well as possibly the lantern on the back. The rest of the figures will probably be used in Halloween activities.

The sad part is, the ride facade was one of the most elaborate at the Point, with a large wooden ship in a 'cement pond' that shot sprays of water up years back.

Haven't explored your site yet, but will with interest.

brian knicele

Here's more info on Freedomland and images of the Buccaneers ride from Cedar Point from
Anthony Macken
e mail:

Just finished looking at you web site. Nice job!!!! I have some information that you may be interested in about some of the rides and park history about Freedomland.

The San Francisco Ride

According to a book on Cedar Point this ride was purchased by Cedar Point c.1967. The ride closed in 1984 and the building that housed the ride was reopened as Bear Country in 1985.

The Freedomland Carousel

The Freedomland carousel was a Dentzel carousel. After freedomland closed it was purchased by the Great Escape in New York and operated there until the early 1990's. At this point the ride was broken up and sold at auction. I have more accurate info on this ride but I have so many articles and magazines

I can't find the information on this ride.

The Pirate Ride

I believe that you have just about as much info on this ride as I have. I don't know if I could tell you any more other than I believe that this ride was mfg by Arrow Dev along with the Earthquake ride. I am including 3 pictures of the ride from when it operated at Cedar Point.

When I come accross more information I will send it to you.

Anthony Macken

p.s. Let me know how this e mail works out. This is the first time I havesent one with pictures.

If anyone has any more info or pictures of any of these rides, please let me know or forward the images. You will be given credit for it.