Freedomland Today

On  August 17, 2013, there was a dedication of a plaque to Freedomland near Co-Op City
on Bartow Ave by Bartow Mall in the Bronx. Over the summer of 2019, it will be moved
approx 450 feet to the west to be on display with the remains of Totsie.

Covered Plaque  plaque1

plaque2  Very Cool eh?? Go visit it and see where the park was!

Here are some of the buildings and rides from Freedomland and where they are today.

These pages are broken into 4 sections:

  1. -The Great Escape and Splashwater Kingdom
  2. -Other Sites and Information
  3. -The Freedomland Boats
  4. -Clark's Trading Post

-The Great Escape and Splashwater Kingdom

At The Great Escape and Splashwater Kingdom in Lake George, NY are several rides and pieces.

This was the Crystal Maze, now it's used as a stand for funnel cakes and offices

The Tornado ride was a big hit at Freedomland.  We also found that at The Great Escape, it still drew crowds, despite it's 37 years and the fact that it was not operating as it should be.
As it looked at Freedomland When we went at the Great Escape, the operator was good enough to let us on the ride with the lights on (we were one of the first on the ride)
The flying cow and chickens were missing (actually they were still there as seen above, but not operating), and the ride was shorter. The illusion of a fan blowing at you in the tornado is still there.  As seen above.. you can see the ride is in need of service.
This is a blowup of a guidemap from the Great Escape. (courtesy of The Great Escape/Splashwater Kingdom & artsmonaco) Yes, the label was redone, the ride was shorter, and yet it got crowded!
Note on Tornado: 1997 was scheduled to be the last year for the ride. It was slated to be closed and moved to some park in Mass.  Most recent word has come down from others Emailing me, was that the Tornado was to be repaired and restored, and will be kept up.

Danny the Dragon

I found Danny in the maintenance yard at the Great Escape.

Mine Caverns ride
This was a view from Freedomland This is in the mine part of the Ghost Train in the Great Escape
Also in the mine part of the Ghost Train This is the bat that was also from the mine cavern ride in Freedomland.  It's now in the mine part of the Ghost Train in the Great Escape

Also at the Great Escape, was a log flume ride called Desperado Plunge. At the top of the ride.. right before the plunge, there is a small building with animated characters sawing and hammering, and one who is spinning on a log (at the Exit of the building and the start of the drop).    Also on the property of the Plunge is a large stuffed moose.

  The Moose came from Freedomland. The Animated Figures were like those that were in Freedomland, but did not come from there.  All were part of the Northwest Fur Trappers ride. In fact, we saw an image of the man on the spinning log , when we saw a tape of the Ed Sullivan show from the opening day in Freedomland  (at the Museum of Television and Radio in NY)(1). And in the back of the property (I didn't see it) is supposedly the remains of the Spinning Cups from the New Orleans area.

If anyone has any more info or pictures of any of these rides, please let me know or forward the images. You will be given credit for it.

(1)If you are in New York City, and can get to the Museum of Television and Radio, try to see the Ed Sullivan show from June 19, 1960, the day the park opened. I think it was shot the day before. Excellent footage.