The Gallery II

Here's some images from Cliff Hausner that his father took. The young man on the steps... with the white shirt , is Cliff.

A Paper bag from the Amoco Station (see Gallery I) (courtesy of Michael J. Alonge, a antique dealer from Long Island who specializes in World's Fair, Freedomland and other parks)

This is a pillbox with the train and sternwheeler (also courtesy of Michael J. Alonge)

This is a top from the Braniff Space Ship from Hal Ginsberg, a fellow collector I met online on Ebay.

Also from Hal, this is a Schaefer Beer Fan & Map (this is one he just got on Ebay, He had one with some writing on it.. I have that one now. (see the Ephemera pages)

more from Hal's collection. A spoon, a button , and a stamp decal

These are Giant matches that Hal picked up

This is the Freedomland puzzle that a fellow collector, Ron Prager,  came across.  

These images are from John J. Gilson Sr. (and his email)
this is john j. gilson sr again. i am sending you these pictures for your records. The first one is a picture of one of the engines. it is the freedomland number 3 engine from 1960. The second one is me at the schaefer brewery at freedomland from 1960. i'm the kid with the cowboy hat. the color picture is me and my sister Debbie in sanfransico's china town at freedomland. The last picture is me as an engineer on the Walt Disney World railroad.  I believe the number 3 engine at freedomland is now the number 3 monson railroad locomotive at the Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad in Portland, Maine. i think their number 4 will turn out to be the other freedomland engine. i'm not sure though. you can visit their website at     What do you think?    thanks, again,     John j Gilson sr.

Here's a photo of the entrance sign that stood outside Freedomland
Photograph by Bill Lauto of Brooklyn. New York. Aug.1962