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This area will be set aside for Images of Freedomland, both Images that I have picked up, and any who send them to me.. (those who do will be credited). It might also include comments and other info from and for Freedomland enthusiasts

This is the Kodak Startech (also known as the Starflash) camera.  I saw several ads for this during the Ed Sullivan show that was broadcast on June 19, 1960 that I saw at the Museum of Television and Radio(1) I think several of these photos might have shot with this type of 127 film camera. I also think (not sure) that the Starflash was introduced at the time of Freedomland's opening

(1)If you are in New York City, and can get to the Museum of Television and Radio, try to see that Ed Sullivan show from June 19, 1960, the day the park opened. I think it was shot the day before. Excellent footage.

These are photos I picked up at an Ephemera show in Huntington, LI, NY

(photo from Bill Cutter)

This image was sent to me by Bill Cutter

(photo by Rich Lando)

This knife is belongs to Rich Lando (given to him by his Grandfather)

Here's a little bit from Neil Borrell
Your page brought back a great Summer. I worked at the American Oil exhibits; a travel exhibit and talking gas pump named "Amoco Sam" near the main entrance in New York and a space station in Satellite City. I worked there the Summer of 61 or 62, it was the Summer before they Coney Islanded it. I blew up balloons and gave them away to kids. It was a magic job. I got to just hop on the Streetcar or Tugboat and ride around. Here's a scan of a pass. I've got some more stuff and when I come across it I'll send it along.

Neil Borrell

(scan by Neil Borrell)

Images by Neil Borrell