The Photo Postcard Gallery

I've recently seen on Ebay a series of Freedomland postcards that are photographs, not the Hallmark-type artwork. Here are some of the ones I've come across. I now own 2 of these, and I've marked those that I have.

This is a rather unique item.  from Don Preziosi at.Preziosi Postcards) This postcard was bought by Hal Ginsburg (see above) (I now have this postcard too)

These others are from another person on Ebay.  Some were also won by Hal, some by others.
This seems to be the San Francisco station. It's also the image from the guide book but reversed
This is the gunfight scene from the Great Plains
This shows the Sternwheeler and the area between New York and Chicago

(I also have this postcard. One thing I noticed, it shows 4 of the rides! The Sternwheeler, the Trolly, the Train, and NY Harbor Tugboat!)

This is the overview of the Tuscon Mining Company Ore Buckets