To San Francisco
To The Great Plains

The Old Southwest: 1890

  1. Tunnel from San Francisco
  2. Burro Trail: outdoor ride
  3. Tucson Mining Company: overhead ride in or bucket to top of the Rockies
  4. Mine Caverns: underground ride
  5. Mexican restaurant
  6. Pony Express: mail service to Fort Cavalry
  7. Santa Fe Railroad: (Santa Fe Station: no stop)
  8. Opera House and Saloon: soft drink bar and western entertainment
  9. Casa Loca: the magnetic house
  10. Texas longhorn herd
    And Gunfight, Old Prospector, steer wrangler

Over the a Tucson Mining Company ore bucket

        Tombstone and old Santa Fe rolled into one

You'll be
        able to see almost 'coast to coast'

Ride a
        sturdy burro over the Southwest desert

Use the Guide Map below and follow the paths to To New Orleans or To San Francisco  or
To The Great Plains

Freedomland Map