To The Great Plains

San Francisco: 1906

  1. Santa Fe Railroad (San Francisco Station)
  2. Northwest Fur Trapper: river ride
  3. Seal Pool
  4. Chinatown
  5. Chinese restaurant
  6. Barbary Coast
  7. Italian restaurant
  8. San Francisco Earthquake: indoor ride
  9. Group activities area
    And The Old Salt at Fisherman's Wharf, horse-drawn surreys to Southwest



The Santa
        Fe Railroad will take you quickly across the continent

Relax in
        the Oriental atmosphere of Chinatown

        through the spectacular San Francisco Earthquake

        thrilling adventure of the Northwest Fur Trapper's ride.. takes
        courage and daring
Northwest Fur Trappers

The Hollywood Arena was another new area that was added.  There were circus acts and other Big Top exhibitions. Also several TV personalities were there, like Sonny Fox, Joe Bolton, Claude Kirschner, and Fred Scott.

        night the spectacle of the Dancing Waters

Use the Guide Map below and follow the paths to To The Old Southwest or To The Great Plains

Freedomland Map