Freedomland Ephemera I

Here's a poster from the Opera House that was in the Old Southwest. Also found on the Web

This is a discount coupon book from the 64 World's Fair.  

These are tickets from 1962.  The top one is a Special ticket, the bottom one a Gold Key Season Pass

This is a complimentary ticket from 1962 that was sent to me by Smitty (J.L Schmidt). I think he sent it to me complimentary!

Here's a ticket from the later 1963 season

Digger O'Toole Business card (front)This is Digger O'Toole's business card.  He was Freedomland's undertaker for the Santa Fe area.

Digger O'Toole Business card (back)

This was
      fhe opening day issue of the Freedomland Eagle. It was printed at
      Morgan Press in FreedomlandThis was the opening day issue of the Freedomland Eagle.  It was printed at Morgan Press in Freedomland.

This is the June 19, 1960 Color Supplement to the New York Times on the opening of Freedomland.  Note the anticipated opening of the Freedomland Inn in Summer 1961

This is the certificate you got for helping to put out the Chicago Fire.  You were made an Honorary Fire Chief.  For children in 1960, this was a big thing! 

This told you how to get to Freedomland. On the back is a listing of who played in the 1962 season at the Moon Bowl.

This was a pamphlet from Continental Casualty Company for their 'old-time' insurance office in Chicago where for a 25 cent premium, you could buy a policy protecting you and your family during their Freedomland visit.  The children would get a fireman's hat with the number 5 on it. The brochure also shows a children's visit to Freedomland (of course, emphasing the Continental-National Group)

This was a pamphlet that looks like it was made before the opening.  In the middle are more images like the postcards.  Very nice,  plus it promotes the history theme of Freedomland.

This is an unused bumper sticker. Not bad eh?

This is one of the good Freedomland checks from it's first year.

This is a Schaefer Beer Fan & Map combo.