Freedomland Memorabilia III

This is one of the prettiest things I've yet picked up.  It's a fan with the Freedomland logo on it.

This is a plastic wallet I recently picked up. This was actually found on the Web.

This is a pair of 'nodding head" dolls that is exactly like the pair Sue got in the Chinatown section of San Francisco.  She later lost them in the Crystal Maze in New Orleans.  Like many items from Freedomland,  it did not say Freedomland on it. And it probably was sold in other parts of New York City and the rest of the country.  But, Sue did get a pair exactly like this from Freedomland.

This is a small plate from Freedomland.  It shows the early logo of the USA.  I've seen a later plate that was bigger, but sported the block letters.

This is a small 'pin plate', also with the 1960 logo

This is a keychain from Freedomland I purchased through the Web

This is what seems like a trivet or just a ceramic tile I also received over the internet

This is the cover and one of the 3 View-master Stereo Reels that
made for Freedomland. (I do have all 3).


These are a Salt and Pepper shaker set.  I got these from a collectible show in NJ.

The next two items I got from the same gentleman who sold me the salt & pepper shakers (through the net).  The first is another ashtray, but this one is glass.

This is a detail of the center

This is a peace pipe from Freedomland.

This is the detail from the Pipe. It is also the same image that is wrapped around the Bottle Opener shown previously.

This is the later plate from 1962.  It sports the block logo and is larger than the earlier plate.

This is a cup and saucer that matches the plate above. I now have a set of these.

This is a mechanical pencil in the shape of a rifle.  On the stock, is a small metal plate with the Freedomland logo.

This is an ashtray I got from fellow collector, Jed Blaugrund.