Freedomland Memorabilia II

Below is the Freedomland Game by Pressman. The first images shows the outside cover. The second image shows the inner pieces and instructions. The third shows the gameboard .

Here are close ups of the game board


Here are a pair of shot glasses I found. They read "Chicago Fire-Water". I wonder if they were used before or after the Chicago Fire ?

Here's an odd one. A bottle opener from Freedomland

This is another glass we found. Only this time it's a full sized glass


This is an object I found at a garage sale. It's a wall ornament that the owner said his father made from a kit. It does not say Freedomland, but it does say "1871" and "Chicago Fire" on it. I have since found out that this was NOT from Freedomland, but it is something that could have come from there. If anyone has any more info on this, please Email me.

This is a handkerchief I found

This is a bracelet I came across that has a hanging Freedomland charm

This is a lighter I found at an ephemera show in Huntington (I seem to find a lot there)