Freedomland Memorabilia I

and the Glassblowers of Freedomland

Guide Book w/Map (circa 1960)

Guide Book w/Map (circa 1962)

Above is an Ashtray with the Freedomland logo - the United States shape (1960)

Above is a Scarf (very good condition) with the later Freedomland logo - Freedomland in blocks (1962)

This is an ashtray I picked up in a garage sale. While hard to see here.. the middle says Freedomland, USA.

This is another ashtray , same as the one above, but this was in new condition and in the box!

These are two of the banners I've picked up.  I actually have 2 of the red ones.

This is a little faded, but shows the later logo.

And a bright green one (from the same couple I got the 12 pack of postcards from).

This is a charm I picked up quite by accident. The other charm was Frontier City (It used to be Amityville, LI). When I looked again.. I found this at the other end.

The Glassblowers of Freedomland

This is the classic penny in a bottle. It is from Glassblowers of Freedomland, which was owned by Martin Finkel.  Martin was good enough to meet with me and tell me several stories about his shop at Freedomland and at the 64 World's Fair. He also loaned me a plot map of Freedomland which can be seen on the Map of Freedomland pages.

That is Martin outside the Glassblowers Shop (below)